-- February 2024

Azadeh… this message is in regards to what you posted in your ranking in RE… my personal message to you… and I just felt it was the right thing to say….
You know what I love about you… you are humble in all you do! You do not flaunt, you are grounded, you do not overdo it… and if you do, you are quiet about it. You are kind and generous with your time, your family… you keep it ‘real.’ That is huge to undertake, let alone accomplish. You may not be Top, Top, but you are consistent in what you do! That is success!

Very happy home buyers in Novato!

"We met Azadeh at an open house and although we were not necessarily ready to start working with an agent she encouraged us to look at some houses with her. From the minute we began working with Azadeh she picked up on our approach to home buying and understood what we were looking for in a home. She never made us feel any pressure to purchase and actually steered us away for settling. We sincerely felt she always had our very best interest at heart and it was never about her making a sale, but about us finding the perfect home for our family. Azadeh would express her opinions and give insightful feedback with each house that we toured. Her insights were extremely valuable and helped keep us on track with what was important to us in a home. When we did find the perfect home for our family Azadeh executed our offer and escrow process flawlessly. We could not have been happier with working with Azadeh in our home buying experience and would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home in Marin County."


“It was a pleasure working with Azadeh, as she represented us as both the buyer and seller over a two year period. Azadeh was always responsive, and went the extra mile to ensure we fully understood our unique situation. We have bought and sold multiple homes and each one comes with its unique circumstances, with Azadeh I never had to wonder where we were in the process. Highly connected, we didn’t have to worry about finding all the vendors needed in the transaction and helped us ask the all the important questions. If you are looking for someone to help you buy or sell your home and want someone that has your best interest in mind, I strongly recommend Azadeh Hunter.”

The Elmquist Family

“Azadeh represented us as sellers of our beloved home in Novato. It was an emotional sale for us, and a difficult decision to make. Azadeh was there from the very beginning; not pushing us to do anything we were not comfortable with, and always making sure we were truly ready to move forward with the listing. Throughout the entire, STRESSFUL process, that is buying a house, Azadeh kept us focused on the positives, and we never once doubted that she had our best interest at heart. There were countless phone calls, texts messages, and emails from us, which Azadeh always responded to immediately, and even when we probably asked the same question 50 different times, in 59 different ways, she was always professional, and supportive in her responses, and helped us move along in the process. We are forever grateful for the friendship and the experience Azadeh provided us, during one of the most difficult, yet rewarding times.”

Jill Penn

“Happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to share with you all that Azadeh Hunter is an angel. Her patience, perseverance, hard work, dedication, love of her customers and never giving up attitude are hard to find. We had a difficult real estate transaction with a couple of hiccups and she kept me even and steady ‘til the end. I can't recommend her enough, as a person, a friend and an honest, hardworking woman. She is truly one of a kind and the best in class. Today I am grateful for the new home she helped us purchase and for her friendship. <3 If you're thinking about buying a house, she's your girl. Thanks Azadeh! We love you lots! <3”

Maria F.

“I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have had Azadeh as our realtor. Ours was a first time home buying situation with a lot of struggles and had it not been for her patience and perseverance I don't know how we would've maintained our sanity. Azadeh helped us look at homes from Santa Rosa to Vallejo, Petaluma to Fairfield, drove miles to attend open houses, sent contracts during HER OWN family vacation, and took every opportunity to keep us calm when we were at our wits end thinking we'd never find our perfect place. She did it all and I don't think anyone could ever find a more dedicated realtor than her! Did I mention she was pregnant during all of this??? Yes, people the woman even sent emails and messages during HER OWN doctor’s checkups!!! In the end we owe her too many thank yous to count and we couldn't be happier in our new home.”

Carolyn P.

“Everyone told us that buying a house would be a long tedious and stressful process... but Azadeh took the time to get to know us and exactly what we were looking for that within 30 days (yes, within 30 days) from our initial meeting we closed on our home! On top of everything, during this whole process she was due any day with her new beautiful baby girl and I never felt like I was bothering her or that she would be unavailable if I had a question.

She made everything so easy and still continues to do so by checking in to see how things are going and explaining things! We have lived in our home for 5 months and I still can't believe how much I love it and how Azadeh helped us so much to have everything fall into place perfectly! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for their perfect home!”

Dan M.

“Azadeh helped us purchase a house recently, and I can't say enough good things about her. We were not easy clients, as we had very specific things we wanted in a house, and were not being forced to move so we would not settle for anything less. Azadeh was patient with us, despite showing us more than 20 houses over an 8 month or so period, and always gave us her honest and open opinion about things. The house we ended up buying we never would have looked at if it were not for her, as the pictures online didn't present it well, but she told us she had a feeling about it. I'm glad that I trusted her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new house or looking to sell theirs, as she truly goes the extra mile for her clients.”

Mona C.

“Azadeh is a very energetic, engaged and motivated realtor. She tells you the truth about location, property and willing to do anything for a client. Being new in California, my husband and I had no idea where to look etc. and helped us narrow it down. She is excellent at her work and now she is a friend for life. We are planning to do business with her again soon!”

Veronica G.

“Azadeh is amazing. She had been working with us for about 2 years trying to find the perfect house for our family. I surprised she didn't fire me as a client! I love the way that she knows what house is right for you. We probably saw over 20 homes and she was always very positive and continued the search. I appreciate all her hard work. She is a great realtor and has become a great friend and now a big part of our family. I'm sure she will miss my crazy text messages and emails at midnight lol. Thank you Azadeh, you made our dream home come true”.

Jill P.

"Azadeh is one of a kind. She is incredibly hard working, passionate, kind, very flexible and just purely awesome! We plan on using her again when we buy our condo in Tahoe!!"

Anne and Camille

Azadeh was beyond amazing. We are lucky to have her on our side!

Aleksandr P. and Elena B.

Azadeh was amazing. She made herself very available to us on both weekdays and weekends. Any questions got answered within minutes. Thanks to her, our experience was very smooth.

Charlotte T. and Michelle A.

Azadeh was professional, kind, patient and knowledgeable.

Vivian H. and John H.

Azadeh was so very helpful every step of the way. We whole-heartedly recommend her!